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Who we are

      During the last 17 years of working as a professional chef in London, I have learnt a great deal about food and nutrition.
     My passion for living and eating in a healthy way began in 2013 when I ran a kitchen in a Bayswater hotel, developing menus with Natasha Corrett (a British vegetarian chef and food writer, and advocate of clean eating and alkaline eating principles and author of Honestly Healthy).
     I began studying Patrick Holford's principles about Optimum Nutrition diets and since then have developed many healthy ways of cooking delicious and nutritious food to sustain a healthy lifestyle. 
    I have worked as a private chef for a number of clients, specialising in providing them with the most healthful, nutritious food possible, whilst maintaining the standards of a professional kitchen.
      I believe eating optimally is the best way to balance hormones, detoxify and strengthen the immune system.
    Your health is strongly linked to your eating choices and how active you are. My interest in improving my own fitness, through cycling outdoors, running, and going to the gym (when it was open!) has helped me to develop a lifestyle which in combination with my food choices, help to keep me as active and healthy as possible;
     I am constantly learning what helps our bodies in general to cope with common daily pressures.
      Read the blog to discover more about the many aspects in which food affects your health. Hello Health is here to help you on your own journey to better and long lasting health through providing you with nutritious, locally sourced whole foods and using them in delicious recipes.
     That's why considering the current situation, I decided to create Hello Health Online.

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Our Philosophy 

With many of the foods we eat now made in factories, and so much seemingly conflicting advice about what we should be eating, it’s no wonder many of us worry about what’s in our food. While some of these worries may be misplaced, there’s no doubt that paying attention to what’s inside the products we regularly eat can benefit our health.

Real food is whole, single-ingredient food.

It is mostly unprocessed, free of chemical additives, and rich in nutrients.

In essence, it’s the type of food human beings ate exclusively for thousands of years.

However, since processed foods became popular in the 20th century, the Western diet has shifted toward ready-to-eat meals.

While processed foods are convenient, they also harm your health. In fact, following a diet based on real food may be one of the most important things you can do to maintain good health and a high quality of life.

Green Vegetables

Changing your lifestyle is never easy, no matter how large or small the changes are. You've gotten comfortable doing things the way you are, so, even if you feel like you want or should change things, actually putting those plans into action can often take some hefty doses of motivation and a bit of discipline, as well.

Alessandro G.

Grilled Vegetables

Choosing to embrace a healthier lifestyle and eat clean, real food wasn't easy, but I was determined to succeed and knew I couldn't continue down my current path, as it would have serious consequences for me in the future

Kasia C.

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