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  • What is the difference between Hello Health Online and Mindful chef, Hello Fresh and Gousto?"
    - Our baskets will give you more than enough ingredients and you can use for another meal not like the other 3 on which is exact the amount. - We have plenty of Organic options not only free range like Mindful Chef all other use cheap ingredients. - We are 100% commited to healthy best quality ingredient and not making profit from cheap ingredients like the majority of the options. - No refined or white bread or pasta like Mindful chef. - All recipes are gluten free, dairy free and meat free ( if you want to add a meat option we have some recipes to do this, check on the menu). - You get the ingredients on their original package and can utilize for other meals whats left from the recipes, is a huge bonus as reduce your shopping demand and help to stock up with the best ingredients.
  • How is your company keeping safe at Covid times?
    At hello health we take health aspects very seriously because of that we just have contact straight with the delivery driver and the products will go straight to the clients. We always wear gloves and masks and our delivery is contactless.
  • What type of food are you providing?
    We have a specially selected handfull of suppliers that are either food A grade and/or Organic. All items are freshly delivered straight from Hello health Online to our clients.
  • How is the operation coping with all delays?
    We will have alocated 10 deliveries a day to spread out to make it a safe operation. Making possible to help out as many people as we can.
  • Last minute changes ? Are they possible?
    No , We suggest you to add to your next order. Unfortunately once processed and paid it is not possible to change as the food supplies are very difficult to deal now a days.
  • Can I buy separated individual items?
    Yes, We have a selected array of items to top up your stock but most items are limited to a small amount per client to give a chance to everyone.
  • Have no idea what to do with the delivery!?
    Every fresh raw item should be washed prior to consume as a preventative measure. Check our blogs we are always giving advices about the items we sell and showing best ways of storing and preparating.
  • How do I know my order been placed once I pay?
    We will send you an invoice straight after payment to your email and then you can book a free delivery.
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